Leaked iPhone 6 Guide Appears to Confirm Launch Date, Other Details

By Adam Clark Estes on at

iPhone rumour season is just days away from becoming iPhone reality season, and a new leak from a usually reliable source appears to confirm some basic details. One of which is a little bit surprising.

The French tech blog Nowhere Else just published images of an iPhone 6 Quick Start guide. The document includes the rumoured iPhone 6 name as well as the location of the sleep/wake button on the righthand side of the device, instead of the top where it's historically been on the iPhone. The rumoured launch date of September 9th is also displayed on the screen, which is consistent with guides from past releases. Aside from the apparently larger screen, everything else pretty much matches the existing iPhone design.

It would be easy to write this off as a quick and dirty Photoshop job, but Nowhere Else has a decent track record. Last year, the blog published a similar Quick Start guide for the iPhone 5S just hours before the official announcement. That guide, which apparently came from the same source as the iPhone 6 guide, correctly identified the existence and name of the Touch ID home button. It's also worth noting that that guide looked more complete, whereas this one appears to be some sort of draft.

So, either way, there's reason to believe that this leak is legit. Of course, we'll have to wait another 15 days (or so) to know for sure. [nowhereelse.fr]

Leaked iPhone 6 Guide Appears to Confirm Launch Date, Other Details

Image via Nowhere Else