Leap Motion Wants to Bring Your Hands Into Virtual Reality

By Mario Aguilar on at

Virtual reality via headsets like Oculus Rift is getting really good, but the experiences are lacking a critical facet for the most part: Your hands. Leap Motion wants to use its 3D motion sensor technology to bring your hands into the game.

Until now Leap Motion is known primarily for its effort to create a gesture control interface for computers. The company makes a fascinating little gadget that unfortunately falls short of the promise despite having some great tech inside. The company has been toying with the idea of using the 3D imaging technology for virtual reality for some time, and there have even been some hacks that integrate Leap Motions controller in conjunction with Oculus Rift.

So Leap Motion's VR move, which is basically just a new API and a £12 mount so you can strap the existing controller to your Oculus, is more of an official statement of intent than an entirely new idea. But it could be amazing. [Leap Motion]