Lego Train Sets are the Worst for Over-Inflated Per-Brick Pricing

By Gary Cutlack on at

Exhaustive analysis into the price of Lego bricks has revealed that parents of children who like both Lego and trains are getting the metaphorical brick in the sole of the foot treatment, with train sets bucking the trend and costing more than their less thrilling equivalents.

According to Wired, the base cost of a Lego set -- the box and instructions -- works out to $7.34 (£4.34). At least, for the purposes of their calculations. The pricing disparity emerges when looking at the number of pieces per box. You might expect a 200-piece set to cost twice as much as a 100-piece box, but not. That would be too simple.

Instead, the city-themed sets appear to cost more than the architecture and general building boxes, with the Danish toy king charging a little more on average per brick should your child want the very latest 2014 edition motorised cargo train. [Wired]