LG G Watch 2 May Arrive This Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

Smartwatches seem to breed even quicker than their smartphone contemporaries, with LG said to be matching Samsung in the wearables development speed race by revealing an updated G Watch at IFA next month.

The Korea Times says the G Watch 2 is an "upgraded smartwatch" that LG could display at IFA, although there's currently some internal debate about whether to show the wearable off to everyone on the show floor or keep it as a secret thing to demonstrate to special people behind closed doors.

The Times source also claims LG's courting, or being courted by, some established big-name watchmakers, which could lead to the G Watch series or an offshoot getting rebranded and sold as, say, a Casio or Fossil smartwatch. [Korea Times via Techradar]