Local Airports Such as Southend Beat Big City Rivals in Fun Flying Poll

By Gary Cutlack on at

Regional airports with their local ways and amusingly accented staff are more popular with travellers than the enormous glass and steel city hubs, with the likes of Southend and Doncaster Sheffield happier places to fly from than their franchise-packed big city equivalents.

The stats come via a Which? survey into traveller contentment, with little Southend bagging the full 5/5 user feedback score in seven of the ten polled satisfaction categories. Questions were asked covering things like passenger drop-offs, seating, queues and baggage systems, with the smaller airports winning on every metric.

Poor old "London" Luton came bottom in the survey, scoring just 35 per cent in the flier contentment poll. Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said: "The message from travellers is clear -- larger airports continue to let people down on the basics, from baggage reclaim to food outlets." [Which? via Telegraph]

Image credit: UK airport from Shutterstock