London's First Segregated Roundabout Supposedly Makes Things Safer for Cyclists

By Gary Cutlack on at

Work on the first fully segregated, cyclist-friendly roundabout is about to begin in London, with this complex-looking solution to the city's road wars set to appear at Battersea's Queen’s Circus roundabout.

The creation along London's cycle superhighway 8 features raised kerbs, special bike-only lanes and custom traffic lights for cyclists, and although it looks like it'll be a complete nightmare for all road users to successfully navigate without any wheels squashing any heads, Wandsworth council hopes it'll make the redeveloped Nine Elms area the safest and most welcoming part of the city for pedestrians and cyclists.

Cyclists will be able to scratch their heads through the holes in their helmets while wondering what bit of road they're allowed to go on by the summer of 2015. [Wandsworth Council via Standard]