Man Faked Kidnap to Avoid Going Home to Girlfriend

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 32-year-old man decided, probably while a bit worse for wear, to fake his own kidnapping as an excuse not to leave a party and return home to his partner.

Which may have been quite an amusing future life anecdote had he not taken it so far. He sent his girlfriend text messages which were supposedly from his captor, even getting someone to pretend to be the kidnapper on the phone while demanding the paltry ransom of having a £50 debt paid off.

The lie had clearly spiralled out of control. His concerned partner phoned Greater Manchester Police, who then carried out door-to-door enquiries, examined CCTV, analysed mobile phone data and more, in an attempt to find him. He was found later that evening, arrested, and fined for wasting police time. [GM Police via Irish Examiner]

Image credit: Kidnap from Shutterstock