Moto 360's Wireless Charging Dock Looks as Good as the Watch

By Robert Sorokanich on at

When we first saw the Moto 360 in person, we swooned over its handsome looks. Now, judging by these photos from Mister Gadget, we know its wireless charger is just as fetching. Oh, and it's definitely got a heart rate sensor, too. Hello, beautiful.

Moto 360's Wireless Charging Dock Looks As Good As the Watch

When we got a hands-on look at the Moto 360, Motorola wasn't commenting on the presence or absence of a heart rate sensor, but Mister Gadget's watch spells it all out: optical heart rate sensor and wireless charging. Bam.

Head on over to Mister Gadget's site for the full gallery, including side-by-side size comparison with the LG G Watch and more detail shots of the Moto 360's screens and construction. The more we know about this smartwatch, the harder it's gonna be to wait for it to hit the market. At least, until we find out how much it actually costs. [Mister Gadget via Engadget]