MSN Messenger Will Finally be Put to Sleep Globally on October 31st

By Gerald Lynch on at

I honestly credit MSN Messenger with helping me harness my ability to type at speed, back in the days when phone calls were only just being made redundant, and awkwardly chatting to girls was far easier from the other end of a keyboard. So, it's with a heavy heart that I've to relay the news that MSN Messenger, that old faithful of the online messaging world, is to finally close in October.

For UK readers this may seem news a year or two out of date -- once Microsoft bought Skype back in May 2011 it began shuffling UK MSN Messenger users over to Skype before closing the service locally. But in some global territories it was given a brief stay of execution -- the service is still particularly popular in China, for instance. Microsoft has announced now however the exact day that MSN Messenger's green and blue buddy heads will be hitting the chopping block, with the service going silent on October 31st.

Goodbye old friend -- without you my teenage social life would have been far less interesting, and my adult brain less full of emoticon shortcuts ;(  .