New-Look BBC iPlayer Rolls Out to More TVs and Set-Top Boxes

By Gerald Lynch on at

The BBC has slowly been rolling out its redesigned iPlayer since it launched back in March, and today sees it push the new-look catch-up player to a significant number of new devices. From Toshiba and Sharp TVs to LG Blu-ray players and Bush set-top boxes, dozens of devices will get the Beeb player's makeover.

The full list of newly-added devices with the updated player can be found here. With the redesigned player already available on PS3, PS4, iPad, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the last notable devices awaiting the upgrade are the Xbox One, YouView boxes, BT Vision and Virgin Media's Tivo.

But today also brings with it the closure of one iPlayer service; the BBC is retiring the "Bigscreen" version which sits on some older smart TVs. Not that many people will notice: only 0.1 per cent of viewers still use it anyway. [BBC]