Nvidia is Working on its Own Augmented Reality Glasses Tech

By Gerald Lynch on at

Google's Glass augmented reality headsets have been met with a muted response, thanks to their geeky exterior and (at present) limited functionality. Oh, and there's that £1,000 early adopter price tag too. All the while, Nvidia has been beavering away on augmented reality glasses display tech that could vastly improve what similar headsets are capable of.

Working alongside researchers from the University of North Carolina, the company has developed Pinlight Displays. Using an entire glasses lens as opposed to the small hovering one that characterises Google Glass, it affords the wearer a wide 110 degrees field of view. It manages this using affordable LCD displays paired with an etched plastic sheet, points along the edge of which can act as projectors. With the wider field of view, more information can be displayed in front of a user's eyes at once.

Despite the extra processing power needed to get the display working, Nvidia claims the kit is cheaper to produce than many wearable displays already available. Making its public debut at SIGGRAPH 2014, more info is set to follow at the Pinlight Display teaser website over the weekend. [SlashGear]