Pebble Smartwatch Now Comes in Glowstick Colours

By Leslie Horn on at

Today Pebble is releasing a limited run of its smartwatch in three new colours: fresh green, hot pink, and fly blue. Pebble in more colours is Pebble with more fun.

So the name FreshHotFly is a little bit dumb, but let's ignore that part because the colours themselves are fantastic. They sort of remind me of good old Swatch watches, which come in all kinds of colours and designs, which is undoubtedly a selling point. And who doesn't like neon?

The watches are $150 (£88.84) (before shipping) each—that's quite a bit cheaper than the $250 (£148) Pebble Steel—and if you just love the bright colours, go buy one now at, because Pebble is only doing one production run of these bad boys. So when they're gone, adios.