Police Called as Entrepreneurial Scots Sell Referendum Votes on eBay

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those living in Scotland without any interest in the Yes/No referendum to stay within the UK have struck upon a way of making money from the situation, with some sellers spotted trying to offload their votes to ex-pat Scots via eBay.

Anyone currently on the electoral roll in Scotland has the right to vote in the September 18 referendum, but Scots who've moved away don't get a vote -- a fact that's apparently led some at the non-political end of the spectrum to try to sell their votes to more politicised Scots living elsewhere.

One listing suggested the winner of the vote sale would earn a "unique piece of Scottish history," although it's currently impossible to do so as eBay has pulled any suspicious listings. And if it was meant as a joke it's all gone a bit wrong, as the Electoral Commission and police have been called in to investigate possible vote-selling. [Independent]

Image credit: Ballot box from Shutterstock