Police Capture Salad Bowl in Bizarre 'Holy Grail' Pub Raid

By Gary Cutlack on at

Police hunting for the stolen Nanteos Cup, an ancient water bowl with supposed healing properties, raided a pub in Herefordshire in an attempt to find it. But could only come up with a salad bowl that vaguely resembled the artefact.

Twelve officers from West Mercia Police descended upon the Crown Inn in Lea, after a tip-off suggested the historic broken old wooden cup had been spotted on the premises. But they didn't find it.

The landlady of the pub said: "I have been shown a picture of the missing cup -- if it had been here we would have thrown it on the fire because it is not whole any more. The only thing here that looks like it is one of our salad bowls." [BBC]

Image credit: Nanteos