Police Toughen Rules on Stop and Search Requests

By Gary Cutlack on at

People with naturally shifty-looking eyes or skin tones associated with terrorists in video games may have a slightly easier ride from now on, thanks to all 42 UK police forces agreeing to stick to tougher new rules on the "stop and search" practise.

The new guidelines [PDF] will requires forces to record the outcome of each stop and chat, so we should be able to see future stats showing whether they've been wasting time chatting to innocent hooded-top wearers or not. Also, the Section 60 stops, which allow officers to question someone based on mere suspicions they may be planning something bad, now require authorisation from bosses higher up the pay chain.

Data maps will eventually be released too, with the idea of showing us where most stops take place so we can either avoid them or go there to watch some aggro. [BBC]