Report: Apple Might Finally Embrace NFC With the iPhone 6

By Darren Orf on at

After years of ignoring the promise of NFC, Apple may finally be ready to take the plunge. Sources familiar with Apple's new payment plan spoke with Wired saying that the feature will be included in the new iPhone 6 when it launches on Sept. 9th.

This corroborates a report yesterday by Business Insider, which unearthed a Cupertino patent that details the back-end architecture of what could be Apple's upcoming e-wallet ambitions. It only makes sense considering how pretty much all its users are financially entangled with its iTunes Store. Of course, there's also Apple's push into brick-and-mortar stores with iBeacon, low-power Bluetooth transmitters which offer a digital-powered shopping experience. It's safe to assume that if Apple's mobile payment plans to come baked into the iPhone 6, iBeacon will also play its part.

Apple will join the mobile commerce fray with established stalwarts like Google Wallet and Square, and while the company would be getting a late start, nothing will get them caught up quite as quickly as a new iPhone or two. [Wired]