Report: Motorola's Phone-Unlocking Keyfob Will Get Way More Useful

By Mario Aguilar on at

Released in tandem with the Moto X last year, the Motorola Skip was a handy, if slightly silly little NFC fob that you could use to unlock your phone. According to document posted by Droid Life, the new version will be Bluetooth enabled, making it way more useful.

According to the supposed user manual for the new little fob-like-keyring, the new Skip will unlock you phone as long as it's within proximity, which makes sense because surely no one will ever steal your keys and your phone. It also introduces some new tricks into the mix: If you lose your keys, you can use your phone to make Skip beep so you can find them.

OK, so Skip still isn't the most useful tool in the world, but if pricing mimics last year's model, it won't be too dear: Free with pre-orders for the device, and just $20 (around £12) retail. No word on whether any of this is actually true, but the September 4th Motorola event would be a great time for this little guy to launch. [Droid Life]