Report: This is Why LG Software Sucks

By Jamie Condliffe on at

If you've ever despaired over a piece of ropey LG software, you're not alone. But it's not just pure chance that's rendered it so bad—it's practically corporate policy.

In a feature about how LG screwed up its webOS acquisition, GigaOM unearthed a fascinating nugget of information about the way software development was incentivised at LG:

Despite repeated requests, LG never hired more engineers for the Silicon Valley group. Instead, it put them at the mercy of engineers in Korea who were beholden to their local management, and frequently built features that the webOS team didn't ask for, or worse, had long fought against.

Sources told me that LG had a policy in place to reward managers with bonuses or even promotions if their features were part of the final product. The result was a constant feature bloat, as everyone tried to add on one more thing.

And that's how you end up with a TV that's feature-rich but an absolute pig to use. Ah well. [GigaOM via Verge]