Royal Mail's First Ever Prime Ministers Stamp Set Features Margaret Thatcher

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail has revealed its latest series of celebrity stamps, featuring, for the first time in its history, the faces of some of the country's best known prime ministers. If you're John Major, you'll have to draw one for yourself.

Led by the recognisable jowls of Winston Churchill, who most people agree did a quite good job of it after a shaky start in politics (and has been on loads of celebratory stamps before), the series also includes the likes of Harold Wilson and Clement Attlee from the modern-ish era, along with William Gladstone and Robert Peel from before there was television so we don't know much about what they were like.

Depending on his political persuasion and career choice, you'll either make your dad extremely happy or very sad when you send him a birthday card with Margaret Thatcher's face on it beside the "1st" insignia. The PM stamp set launches on October 14. [Royal Mail]