Rumour: Samsung's Gear Solo Smartwatch Won't Need Your Phone

By Gerald Lynch on at

"If you build it, they will come", to paraphrase Kevin Costner's Field of Dreams (or Wayne's World 2, depending on your frame of reference). Someone at Samsung must have heard that and truly taken it to heart -- just as it's got a different phone configuration for practically every individual on the planet, it seems to want to have the same endless stream of smartwatch models too.

According to Korean news outlet The Choson Ilbo, Samsung is lining up the launch of the Gear Solo, another smartwatch to add to the company's growing ranks of Galaxy Gear and Gear Live timepieces. The difference with the Solo however would be that it would include its own cellular connection and SIM slot, bypassing the need to tether the watch to a smartphone.

What this would mean for battery life, and whether it would use Samsung's Tizen OS or the promising Android Wear, remains to be seen. But, should the rumour prove true, spare a thought for the idiot that buys this and uses it as his or her exclusive call-making device. [Chosun Ilbo via Sammy Hub]