Ryanair's New Business Plus Tickets Have Seats by the Emergency Exits

By Gerald Lynch on at

Budget airline Ryanair, responsible for the ludicrous suggestion that it would allow for standing-only cattle class flights if only it were allowed, is today introducing a new Business Plus ticket.

Aimed at frequent-flying business travellers on a budget, the tickets will include a 20kg hold baggage allowance, and the option to change flight details on the day of departure, offering flexibility on timings and destination airport. These services on a regular ticket can cost as much as £75 and £90 respectively depending on flight and season peaks.

While the new business class tier passengers will have to make do with the same sort of seats as regular passengers, they will be given priority boarding and will be offered the option of a "premium" seat position with more leg room. Perfect for those who are fearful of flying, those seats just so happen to be placed right next to the emergency exits. "Woman and children and Business Plus passengers first", is the old saying, right? [Ryanair via @hwallop]

Image Credit: Boarding on Ryanair jet airplane from Shutterstock