Samsung Boss Treated Like a King in Bizarre Factory Visit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee is apparently treated like he's rather special when he visits his factories, with one report suggesting he gets the full everything-smells-of-paint treatment usually reserved for visiting royalty.

Workers at one factory were apparently told to hide their ugly cars behind the building lest it create a bad impression upon his arrival, with mints placed in the bathroom to avoid the boss having to talk to someone with distasteful crisps-breath, plus staff members were apparently told not to watch him from high windows.

An engineer said: "We literally weren't allowed to look down on him" as he passed through on a factory tour. Perhaps he's a bit paranoid about the state of his hair?

All of which Bloomberg makes out to be the chairman pretending he's some sort of god. It just sounds like the familiar "Quick, the boss is coming, pretend to work, close all of those YouTube tabs and don't act weird" calls we often hear in the workplace to us. [Bloomberg via The Verge]

Image credit: Flickr