Shooting Challenge #35 -- Summer -- The Winner Is…

By Martin Snelling on at

While half the country sweats like a pig on public transport, the other half are being treated to flash floods. Welcome to the “Great British Summer” and the results of our last Shooting Challenge.

For our most recent Shooting Challenge you were tasked with capturing the essence of Summer. We had a diverse range of subjects including water sports and wildlife – but who won?

This week’s winning image comes from Jonas Demuro, who captured a moth feasting on a echinacea with his iPhone 5S.

Here’s a few words from Jonas on how he made the photo:

“The image was captured with an iPhone 5S, with global adjustments to brightness, contrast, and colour correction made in 4.03.

There is a group of echinacea in bloom, and this moth decided to show up for lunch. I did my best to focus on the moth, and blur the rest of the background, given the iPhone's rudimentary controls for aperture, but after a bunch of captures, this one worked the best.”

During this Shooting Challenge window I was on my annual pilgrimage to Swanage in Dorset and decided to join in with the Challenge too. You can see some of my efforts and all of the entries for this Shooting Challenge on our Flickr page. Incidentally, while I was camping it up in a field, Giz’s own Chris Mills was climbing cliffs in Swanage – small world!

Thanks to everyone that submitted photos for this challenge; there will be another Shooting Challenge next week.

Martin Snelling is a Hampshire-based photomatographer and wearer of fine hats. He tweets here and he is currently working on a long-term photography project entitled 'View From This Side'.