Sold-Separately Kinect for Xbox One Coming in October

By Eric Limer on at

Not long ago, Microsoft took the Kinect out of some of its Xbox One bundles, dropping the price of the console to £349 and giving devs extra power to play with. If you got one of those and want to add a Kinect later, you'll be able to in October.

In the States, it'll cost $150, which is about £90 in Great British Quids, which will likely give it a £99.99 price tag. We'll update with confirmed UK pricing once we have it.

That Microsoft would offer the Kinect as an add-on for the Xbox One is no surprise, and neither is the fact that it'd cost extra so that the bundle still makes some sort of sense. The sensor will come alongside a copy of Dance Central Spotlight though, and historically Dance Central has been pretty much the only game worth playing on Kinect anyway. Whether or not that's enough to save the Kinect as a viable input device is still up for grabs, though still pretty unlikely. But adding that game in the bundle is a great way to make picking up a Kinect a liiiittle more enticing.