Solidoodle Press: An Affordable 3D Printer That Looks Like a Home Appliance

By Leslie Horn on at

The thing about 3D printers is a lot of them look like big weird machines that don't exactly fit in with your office feng shui or what-have-you. But Solidoodle Press is a new cute little 3D printer that looks a little less out of place, and a little more like a regular old home appliance.

The 512-inch fifth-gen machine is sewing machine-sized, and goes on sale in September for $600 (£356), or $350 (£208) in presale. It comes with a slew of first-timer friendly features, like a protected spool to prevent the filament from jamming, or an automatically calibrating printing bed. So if you're a beginner in the exciting realm of 3D printing, this might be a good option for you in both price, features, and looks, which are not unlike an Easy Bake Oven for adults. [Solidoodle via Engadget]