Someone Built a Fully Functioning Hard Drive Inside Minecraft

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Cody Littley is a computer science PhD student with a little too much time on his hands. Which perhaps explains why he built a working 1 KB hard drive in Minecraft out of virtual building blocks.

Why did he build it? Because he could. "When I built the the device, I didn't have anything in mind that I wanted to store on it, I built it for the sake of the challenge", he explained to Wired. "A surprisingly large number of commentators on Reddit think I should store 1KB of porn on it".

Amazingly, this process wasn't really automated in any way; he built it block-by-block. If you're so minded, you can follow his instructions, available on Google Drive and build your own, too. You'll need to know your way round Mincecraft though – "redstones" in particular (the kinds of blocks that can be used to transmit another in-game substance called "red stone dust" to create rudimentary binary structures).

Lost? Don't worry. Just bathe in the glow that is someone doing something just because they can. However nerdy that is, it's kind of cool, too. [Wired]