Sony Dodging Android Wear for SmartWatch 3

By Gerald Lynch on at

Samsung, LG and Motorola have all jumped in bed with Google to launch Android Wear smartwatches, but Sony's kept schtum so far about whether or not it'll be making use of the new wearable-tailored Android OS. And it seems it's not quite yet ready to jump onto the bandwagon.

According to Digi-Wo, Sony does indeed have a third SmartWatch device in the works, ready to be shown off at next month's IFA conference. But it won't be running Android Wear, instead building upon the wearable software it's already used in its two prior smart wristwatch devices. That may not be a terribly good idea, given our experiences with the watches.

Elsewhere, the report suggests the SmartWatch 3 will use wireless charging and a new type of screen that will make its visibility under bright ambient lighting improved, with the watch itself able to work independently of the smartphone. Could it have its own cellular connection, as the Samsung Gear Solo is rumoured to feature? [Digi-Wo via GforGames via TechRadar]