Sony's Launching Underwater Apps to Sell Waterproof Phones

By Tom Pritchard on at

Sony's waterproof apps were created in collaboration with Motim Technologies, and are supposed to be available here. Sadly all I seem to be able to access is a placeholder page.

Only a few apps from the range have been publicly revealed for now, and while they aren't the most necessary downloads, they do seem rather fun. There's a virtual Tamogotchi-esque goldfish, a submarine piloting game, an umbrella, an app that allows you to sing in the rain, and an app that digitally develops your photos when you submerge your phone in water.

The apps themselves were designed for the Xperia Z1S, but you can download them to any device you own -- just make sure it's waterproof first, ok? [Geek via Slashgear]