Tesla Model S Owners Will be Able to Start Their Cars With Only an iPhone

By Robert Sorokanich on at

Tesla's Model S is so technologically advanced, it gets software updates the way your old fashioned car gets oil changes. And rumour has it the newest update will let iPhone-using Tesla owners forget their car keys forever: the car will soon recognise the owner's phone to start the car.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, this screen capture of Version 6 of the electric car's software has some nifty new features. First and foremost is that iPhone-as-car-key capability, highlighted above.

Companies like Chevrolet already offer apps that let you remote-start your car. But you can't drive the car unless the transponder key is in your pocket. Judging by the beta screenshot captured by 9to5Mac, Tesla's setup will have no such limitations. The iPhone becomes the car key.

The new software update also adds in calendar integration, which auto-loads the route to your events on the car's nav system (assuming you're the kind of fastidious person who puts actual addresses in your events). And as Musk hinted in a Colbert interview last month, the new software will let Tesla owners name their cars. He calls his Old Faithful. Awwwww.

Don't worry, Android-loving Tesla drivers: Your phone-key app is promised in a few weeks. Soon, you'll be able to leave your car keys at home — just hope you have your phone charger at work. [9to5Mac via UberGizmo]

Image via 9to5Mac