Tesla Plugs in Electric Car Supercharger Stops in London and Birmingham

By Gerald Lynch on at

It already has right-hand drive electrically-powered cars in UK showrooms, but you're not going to want to charge a Tesla off of an extension plug from your garage if you can help it. If you're a cash-flushed futurist tearing up the highstreet in your Tesla motorcar, you'll be pleased to hear then that the company is expanding its complementary Supercharger network across the UK.

It's baby-steps first of all, with Tesla installing just two new Superchargers -- one at Hyatt Regency London in Central London, the other at Hyatt Regency Birmingham. This is in addition to the first charger installed in London's Royal Victoria Docks. Tesla aims to have at least 11 Supercharger stops up and running within the next 12 months, making a quick road trip from Lands End to John o' Groats an electrically-charged possibility. [Engadget]