The Abbey Road Crossing Might Get a Lollipop Lady to Keep Tourists Safe

By Tom Pritchard on at

Thanks to it being the home of one of the world's most famous album covers, the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios see countless Beatles fans attempting to recreate the classic record sleeve shot. Westminster Council is now considering the idea of having a Lollipop lady/man at the crossing to keep pedestrians safe.

But it's not exactly a case of "health and safety gone mad", because if you look at the crossing on any nice day there is usually a big crowd of pedestrians waiting to take a photo. The problem is that a lot of them just wander into the middle of the road without care, making it almost impossible for drivers to get past safely.

Westminster City councillor Lindsey Hall said:

''Obviously we don't want to be spoilsports, we are really proud of our musical heritage. I've seen huge double-decker buses parking on double yellow lines right outside the studio, causing total chaos to traffic and causing danger to people trying to get their photograph. It would be good to have somebody there permanently.''

The council does have a point. It's all well and good getting yourself a nice little souvenir, but it is still a main road and I can't imagine getting run down by an irritated driver is much fun. [The Telegraph]