The Next Nexus Phone Could be Released at the End of October

By Tom Pritchard on at

All we've heard about Google's Nexus series recently is that the brand isn't dead, and that the next model might be a Motorola-made phablet. New rumours now suggest that the next phone will be titled the Nexus X, and that it'll be coming out at the end of October.

According to Phone Arena this will be what everyone has been calling the Nexus 6. We're guessing the name change is likely due to avoiding trademark issues (Nexus 6 is also the brand of androids featured in Blade Runner). Phone Arena also claims the phone will be quietly released without a grand ol' event backing it up, but doesn't specify why this might be the case.

There's no word on price, or even anything that might support the website's claims, but it is nice to know that, despite the lack of leaks and news, the next Nexus is closing in on us. [Phone Arena via Ubergizmo]