The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

One of the things I haven't missed about being at university was having to find a suitable place to live, and people to live with. Though I didn't not having any responsibilities, that was great. I'm saying this because I'm starting the process of moving to somewhere new. Here's just hoping it's easier this time around. Sadly, there isn't an app for making the whole process much easier.

iPhone Apps

Spring: This is one for the Tom Cruises of the world. No, not famous actors or public faces for controversial religions, I mean people who want to appear taller in photographs. Seems a little strange to me, but it's not a situation I can understand being 6'4, so if you are a little self-conscious about your height then this might prove useful. [Free]

Lenshare: In a time where networks such as Facebook declare that any photos you share belong to them (as well as making it difficult to make them 100 per cent private), networks that do the opposite are cropping up all over the place. Lenshare is one such network, a place where you can store your favourite moments as photos, soundbites, or text, without worrying about who can see them, and whether they technically belong to someone else. [Free]

Roamer: Using your phone abroad isn't as easy as it is at home, and your network doesn't always make it easy to find out what charges will be accrued by calling and texting in another country. Fortunately Roamer is an easy, and low-cost, way to ring international mobiles and landlines without building up enormous charges. Just buy some in-app credit and you're good to go. Our benevolent editor Kat actually used this in Morocco over the weekend and found it incredibly easy to set up and use. If that's not a reason for you go try it, I don't know what is. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Payfriendz: Owe someone money but can't get to a cash machine? Don't want to fiddle about with bank details and online banking? Then you might want to give Payfriendz a try. Payfriendz makes sending people money as easy as sending a text message and, provided you're sending money of the same currency, it's totally free. Cross currency transfers will accrue a one per cent transfer fee, however. [Free]

Rantable: I'm a big fan of ranting, and sometimes Twitter just doesn't have enough space to rant effectively. Rantable is a new platform that allows you to rant away without having worry about sticking to 140 character increments. Best of all it can link to your Twitter account to reach out to all your Twitter followers and ensure your rant is heard by the masses. [Free]

iPad Apps

Blue Note 75: Blue Note Records is celebrating its 75th anniversary with this app that lets users explore the company's extensive repertoire of artists with audio, video, pictures, and articles. This is a must for any jazz fans. [Free]

Indiegogo: Everybody's favourite alternative to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, now has an app to make sure you can discover projects, fund them, and manage your own.   [Free]

Radio Times Magazine: With magazines increasingly releasing tablet editions, it's no surprise that the Radio Times is one of them. With the full edition (including articles, TV listings, and more) available on the iPad, it's a wonder why you'd bother with a print copy.  [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Wikipedia Mobile: Nobody needs to be told what Wikipedia is, and the app is there to make accessing the famous encyclopaedia quicker and easier. The app has made a major design overhaul, such as options to edit while logged in or not, and further tweaks to the localisation. [Free]

London Tube Tracker: The Tube is one of the most common ways to get around our fair capital, and knowing what's going on is incredibly useful. Tube Tracker shows you the live departure board for all stations, line status, and of course a Tube map. It's not just for the underground either, the app is also useful for Overground and DLR services. The new version includes a very useful feature: a map for colour-blind users. [£1.99]

Android Apps

Better Open With: When you have more than one conflicting app on your phone you get asked which one will be your default, and that's the only opportunity you get to make a decision unless you go sifting through the settings. Better Open With ensures that each time you open a file or app you get an option to choose what to open it with. The menu will flash up on screen briefly (how long is customisable), and give you the choice every time.  [Free]

Tynker Premium: An app that teaches you to code and design your own games by having you complete puzzles. There are 200 puzzles over the course of four missions, and nine game-kits that will let you build your own games from scratch. [£2.93]

Wear Hotspot: One of the main advantages to owning a smartwatch is that you can use it to do things on your phone without having to get it out of your pocket. Wear Hotspot is another such feature, allowing you toggle your phone's Wi-Fi hotspot on and off at the push of a button – simple as that. [Free]

StumbleUpon: An app designed to find you the very best content on the internet, just tell it what you're interested in and it will find you a mix of articles, images, videos, and much, much more. This new version has the option to share via SMS, a new navigation menu, and a list of what's popular and trending. It should make sure you never run out of reading material again. [Free]

Olocode:  The problem with handing out business cards is that you can't really update them once they've been printed and given to people. Olocode is a way of getting around that, by linking people to a digital business card. As it's all digital, if you update your info, the app will automatically update the information other people have on you. But not everyone is willing to transfer to digital, so if you receive any paper business cards, you can scan them into the app and store them in one handy place. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

BBM Beta: It's been available on iOS and Android for a while now, and now Windows Phone users can utilise the wonder of BBM. Send messages, videos, images, and voice notes to your friends, regardless of what phone system they use. [Free]

Snapcam:  A simple way to have the photos from your phone professionally printed and delivered straight to your door. Better still, you can have them collated into a photobook to keep them nice and presentable. Prices start from £5. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Dragons Adventure - World Explorer:  A fun little game based on the How to Train Your Dragon series, World Explorer is puts you in the shoes of Hiccup and Toothless in a quest to free imprisoned dragons across the globe. There are many games out there which will let you fly a plane, but how many that let you fly a dragon? [Free]

Vivino Wine Scanner: So what's the difference between a £5 bottle of wine and a £20 bottle? What's the best food with which to drink your newest bottle of red wine? Vivino is a wine guide to ensure that you're always in the know about the world's favourite grape-based beverage. Just scan the wine and you'll be presented with everything you need to know. [Free]

FitBit: You've probably heard of the FitBit, a health tracker that monitors how active you are and how well you're sleeping. The FitBit will wirelessly sync to the app in order to store your data and present it to you so that you can keep track of how well you're doing.  [Free]