The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

I decided to give some of the random flavoured Walkers crisps a try this week. I would say my reaction is mixed. Chicken Curry was disappointing since, despite the overwhelming smell of curry powder they didn't taste of much. Pulled Pork and Steak Fajita, on the other hand, were amazing. Seriously, new favourite flavours right here. But this isn't a food column, this is an apps column -- so I better get to it.

iPhone Apps

DSTRUX: I included an app like this in last week's Android apps; DSTRUX functions in a fairly similar way. Basically it ensures that you are in control over the files you send to people. If they share them, you'll know about it and can stop them from viewing it. Screen capture is disabled, and you can completely destroy the file anytime you like. [Free]

GetTaxi: Mobile taxi apps are all the rage these days, but the problem is that unless it's something like Uber (where the drivers aren't even taxi drivers), they're restricted to one geographical area. GetTaxi is available in numerous places like London, New York, Moscow, and all over Israel. Plus you get £10 of credit every time you recommend a friend, there's 24/7 support, and you can track your taxi in real time -- before and after you get in it. [Free]

Rankor: This is a way for you to keep track of how much arse you kick when playing games against your friends. Or it's a harsh reminder that you suck. In either case, Rankor is a way to record the results of any number of games you play with your friends, whether it's something simple like pool, or more complex like how many points you have scored in King of the Hill on Halo 4. [Free]

Vemory: Have you ever wondered which photos you've taken or uploaded are the best? Have you ever felt the need to collect them into an album of your best work, but couldn't be bothered to put the time in? Vemory will find and collect all the best photos from your camera roll and your social media accounts to make it easier for you to access them yourself, or share them with your friends. [Free]

Foodmento: The problem with restaurant review sites is that people can give bad reviews for silly things like "the waiter looked at me funny" or "my meal wasn't free". Foodmento on the other hand is more focussed on the food itself. Sure the reputation of the restaurant plays a part, but you can get past minor transgressions if the food is great. In-app, you have food dishes and recommendations, restaurant locators, as well as tools that allow you to book tables and then find your way there. [Free]

iPad Apps

Superhero Workout: Exercise sucks. Believe me I know. Fortunately there are apps to make it more interesting and fun, with Superhero Workout being the latest one. You take on the role of a hero in a robotic suit of Iron-Man-style armour tasked with saving the Earth. The app uses your iPad's front facing camera to track your progress and your reps, and make sure you're exercising properly. [£2.99]

Collins Bird Guide: A comprehensive guide to the birds in Britain and across Europe, all bundled together in one handy little app. Over 700 birds are catalogued, with over 3500 illustrations, and 750 bird calls, to ensure that you know what bird is what. It's not cheap for an app, but for amateur ornithologists it's an essential tool. [£12.99]

Elevate Brain Training: Brain training was one of those fads that existed a few years ago and has mostly faded away. That hasn't stopped app developers from sticking to the idea however, even if it isn't really scientifically proven to work. But sometimes you just want to do some puzzles because puzzles are awesome. [Free]

Filibaba Smoothies: Smoothies are amazing. They taste good and they're not that bad for you (provided you don't add things like sugar to them). Filibaba Smoothies is a collection of amazing smoothie recipes that goes beyond putting some strawberries and some apple juice in a blender. Enjoy them, because it would be a sin not to. [Free]

CBeebies Storytime: An app filled with free stories for you to read with your kids and help you both to enjoy reading together. But it's not just about the reading, the stories also let you interact and play with the characters on screen, making it a lot more fun to be involved with. [Free]

Android Apps

Cabin: A family oriented app that creates a personal network that can be used by family members. You can track locations, send messages, create events calendars that everyone can see, as well as share notes, photos and audio clips. Even if it's for your friends and not your family, it's a way to stay in touch that's handy, secure, and private. [Free]

WeTransfer: Transferring big files isn't that easy; your only real options are to use cloud storage, or perhaps even share using a torrent file (which is highly frowned upon for no good reason). WeTransfer aims to take the hassle out of it, and will let you send files up to 10GB in size absolutely free. All you need is an email address. Better yet, you can share from anywhere on your device; just hit the share button and you're good to go. [Free]

Endless Jabber: You may recall that back in May I covered Notifyr, which lets iPhone users get their notifications on their Mac. Endless Jabber is similar, except instead of simply reading things like texts you can send them from your computer. But that's not all, you can also do things like check your contacts, and even check the status of your phone's battery life. [Free]

IgnoreNoMore: I did cover this one earlier in the week, but it's such a great app it deserves to be on this round-up list. Essentially it's a way for parents to ensure their kids actually get in touch when they want them to by remotely locking the phone until they call to check in. Simple as that. The only problem is that this is an Android-only app right now, so if your kids use iPhones you're a little stuck. This is only free for a limited time, so grab it while you can. [Free]

Snap Clap: The clap-responsive light switch is one of those things that you tend to associate with the later '90s and they never really took off. Clapping technology is making a comeback with Snap Clap, however. It's for those of you who don't want to take pictures with timers or remotes, all you need to do is set up your phone, take position, and clap. As soon as you clap, the phone takes a picture. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Appy Weather: There are literally hundreds, possibly thousands, of weather apps available, so what makes Appy Weather different? This one offers full personalisation; it's what you want to see and nothing that you don't. [£2.59]

Mixeo: Mixeo is an app that powers the Original Dating service. That service is based on attending social events and meeting people in person, and the app allows you to book tickets to said events, as well as keeping track of the people you meet. So if online dating isn't your thing, bit you still want to meet people, this isn't a bad option. [Free]

OneDrive: You all know what OneDrive is, it's Microsoft's own cloud storage service. The mobile version has had a bit of an update so you can now access the recycling bin from within the app. [Free]

CoPilot GPS: A step-by-step GPS app that functions in basically the same way as most GPS apps, but you have the option of purchasing maps for various regions around the world (US and Europe are free) in glorious high detail. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Touch Retouch: Have you ever taken a photo and wished that something within the shot wasn't there? Maybe it's a tourist who got in the way, or maybe there's a house ruining the shot. Touch Retouch allows you to remove such annoyances simply by touching the screen. It's simple, effective, and infinitely useful. [£0.79]