The World's Tiniest 3G Modem is Barely Bigger Than a Penny

By Andrew Tarantola on at

One factor limiting the integration of your home's appliances into the so-called Internet of Things is the size and ruggedness of the device's modem. But with this miniscule new modem from Intel, anything bigger than a penny will be granted cellular connectivity.

The XMM 6255 has just a 300 sq mm footprint, making it ideal for button-sized micro-sensors and small-form wearables like smart watches. What's more, the XMM6255 is designed to work in low-connectivity environments like parking garages and remote areas. It utilises the Intel SMARTi UE2p dual-band single transceiver providing 7.2 Mbps download and 5.76 Mbps upload speeds.

The World's Tiniest 3G Modem is Barely Bigger Than a Penny

"It's not just about the size of it," Sergis Mushell, a research director at analytics company Gartner, told the BBC. "What Intel is really doing is going after a significant stake in the Internet of Things market, where connectivity is most important. Getting connectivity right is essential for their entire product portfolio."

Thermal, voltage, and current protections are integrated onto the chip—there's even room for an additional GPS transceiver—which means it can be used in a huge variety of products and applications, both commercial- and research-oriented. [Intel 1, 2 - BBC News]

lead image: Hasloo Group Production Studio