These Portraits Were Drawn On a Surface Pro 3

By Gerald Lynch on at

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is all about the stylus, working with its own bespoke digital pen that gives the slate similar functionality to a Wacom graphics tablet. Measuring pressure with many degrees of sensitivity and presenting little lag between input and the appearance of a stroke, Microsoft wants to position the tablet as much for artists as spreadsheet-browsing workers.

To hammer home the point, it's commissioned ballpoint pen master scribbler James Mylne to recreate classic portraits from the National Portrait Gallery in London using the Surface Pro 3. And, as the time-lapse videos below show, the results are pretty impressive:

The images have been released to coincide with the UK launch of the tablet following its US release back in June. Starting at £639 and available from Currys, PC World, Argos and Microsoft's own online store, we were impressed with the Surface Pro 3 during our review -- even if we struggled to see where it fits in a world of standard tablets and laptops.