Third Party Reversible Lightning Cables Can Already be Purchased Online

By Tom Pritchard on at

Recently we heard rumours that Apple is working on a reversible USB cable that may, or may not, be included in the iPhone 6. It looks like someone else has gone and beaten it to market since you can actually go online right now and buy a lightning cable that's reversible at both ends.

Apparently the cable works with all lightning-compatible iOS devices, and will work on the upcoming iPhone 6. The only issue is that retailer Truffol hasn't been approved or certified by Apple, and since Apple owns the patent for a reversible lightning cable it could lead to future legal battles. But this is the world of mobile tech, so what else is new.

The cable itself costs $10 (£6), and if you're willing to wait 14-21 days international shipping is free. The question you just have to ask yourself is whether you really need a reversible USB cable right now. [Truffol via Ubergizmo]

Featured image from Truffol