This Bomb-Proof Thames Fort Hideaway is Yours for £500,000

By Gary Cutlack on at

This amazing wrong-side-of-the-riverside property is currently on the market, with half a million quid gaining an incredible old fort in the Thames that's only reachable by boat or at low tide when wearing shoes you're not particularly fond of.

The address alone is worth tolerating a slow internet connection and nightmarish commute for, with the site's sale listing saying its official name as far as the post office is concerned is No 1 The Thames, Sheerness. Formally known as Grain Tower Battery, the fort was built in around 1855 to serve as a gun placement where the Thames meets the Medway, in case the French tried anything funny.

It could, once bought and after a massive amount of money has been handed over to a crazy builder, be a five-bedroom river palace. Or a nightclub. Or a Tesco. Or a prison. [Standard]