This Crazy Ping Pong Table Houses a 2,800W Sound System

By Jamie Condliffe on at

If you feel like your table tennis set-up needs a little more... oomph, then look no further than Stiga's new Studio table: a regulation playing surface that happens to pack a 2,800 watt sound system. Beer pong will never be the same again.

Lurking beneath the table's stealth-black surface are eight 6 x 9 speakers, two 12-inch subwoofers, an amplifier and Bluetooth connectivity. There's also LED lighting that reacts to the music and a mic input for, I don't know, MCing in your basement? Ping pong parties? Impromptu karaoke? Whatever you fancy, really.

The only drawback is is that the set-up costs a staggering $15,000 -- £9,040 in UK coinage. You could, of course, buy a car instead, but ping pong is quite a lot of fun. And for that price they'll generously throw in free delivery and premium installation service. Availability is, apparently, very limited though—so you better be quick if you want to grab one. [Stiga via Engadget]