This is What Your Average Instagram Picture Looks Like

By Jamie Condliffe on at

If you've ever wondered what the average Instagram picture looks like, then wonder no longer. The web app Metagramme lets you create an average image based on the last 32 pictures you uploaded to Instagram.

When you head over to Metagramme it grabs the 32 most recent images from your account and creates an average pixel value across the square canvas. The results are fairly... brown, but there are some interesting insights to be made. You can certainly pick out details from your own photographs, and it's especially fun when you see an account that uses sub-images a lot, like the one below.

Put together by San Francisco design studio T2D, the tool is free to use and weirdly quite fun. Give it a try. [Metagramme via Laughing Squid]

This Is What Your Average Instagram Picture Looks Like