This Man Pushed a Brussel Sprout Up Mount Snowdon With His Nose

By Gerald Lynch on at

The next time my Facebook feed gets clogged up with people requesting funds for their "epic" 5K charity walk, I'm going to point them in the direction of Stuart Kettell. He's just set a new record for lunacy by pushing a brussel sprout up Mount Snowdon with his nose.

Setting off on Wednesday, it took Kettell about three days to complete his goal, reaching the 3,506ft summit at about 1.30 pm on Saturday. With some DIY nose-cheek-and-forehead padding, 49-year old Kettell practised in his garden for the uncomfortable challenge. 22 individual sprouts were rolled up the mountain trail in the end, as others were lost or crumbled during the stony journey.

Kettell is currently just shy of his £5,000 fundraising goal, which will be given to Macmillan Cancer Support, a supremely worthy cause. If you've got some cash to spare, head over to his JustGiving page here. [JustGiving]