This "Original" Predator Costume is Up For Sale on Gumtree

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's something on Gumtree waiting for you, and it ain't no man. If you're a sexual Tyrannosaurus with a bank balance that ain't got time to bleed, you're in for a treat -- a Predator costume from Alien Versus Predator is up for sale on the Gumtree listings site, of all places.

"An original Pete Mander AVP Predator suit," according to the listing, the outfit is currently stored away on the Orkney Islands. The costume comes complete with:

1- A set of latex and rubber dreadlocks
2- A very real-looking Predator face mask
3- The Scar & Celtic Biomasks
4- Adjustable shoulder cannon
5- 2x shoulder armour
6- 2x chest armour plates
7- An upper skin suit. (Vest)
8- A retractable wrist blade gauntlet
9- LED light up computer gauntlet
10- Two bone necklaces
11- Lower skin suit. (Trousers)
12- Boots with detachable foot blades

"It pains me to let it go, but it has to be done", says the anonymous seller, who states that a house move is the reason for the sale. Should you want to ensure you win every Halloween costume prize from here until the end of time, the Predator costume will set you back £4,800. [Gumtree]

Thanks for the tip Martin!