Unavoidable Digital Car Tax System Wants to Give You a £1,000 Fine

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our iconic car tax disc system is coming to an end this October, with a new digital system coming into place. If you think you can get away with bending the rules because there's no bit of paper involved, there's a £1,000 fine coming.

The digital car tax system comes with one key change -- there's no way to transfer car tax when a car is sold. Tax belongs to the owner now. So say goodbye to the bartering tactic that is buying or selling a car with a bonus 12 months of road tax attached to it. The change means you could be liable to a fine for not having any tax as soon as you take ownership of a car, with £80 spot fines and back tax charges when caught.

Sellers, meanwhile, get any full months of remaining tax refunded, so bear that in mind when buying a secondhand car. There may be bargains to be had on the last day of the month. [Telegraph]