Users Tricked Footballers Into Tweeting Rude Things in Another Twitter Stunt Gone Wrong

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are only three things that are infinite: the universe, human stupidity, and the number of people willing to cock-up online marketing campaigns for a cheap laugh. Puma just found the last one out the hard way when Twitter users realised they could make footballers tweet lewd messages.

The campaign was simple. By using the hashtag #Fastergraph people could tweet a number of footballers to receive a digital autograph. People quickly cottoned onto the fact that the autographs were addressed to the Twitter usernames, prompting a number of people to change their own in order to force the automated system to tweet out rude messages.

Examples of the messages included Marco Reus tweeting: "Cocaine, I couldn't do it without you", and Radamel Falcao claiming that: "Liverpool are wank".

Moral of the story folks? Never trust the internet to behave itself. [The Mirror]