Space Whisky: Returning to Earth Soon

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in 2011 a selection of vials containing Ardbeg scotch whisky were sent to the ISS as part of a study into how alcohol maturation is affected in a zero-gravity environment. Now it's about time for the vials to return, and they will do so on 12th September.

Once the whiskey has landed, the vials will be taken to a lab in Houston where a team will analyse them to "unlock the mysteries of maturation, through the study of the interaction between Ardbeg-crafted molecules [known as terpenes] and charred oak, both in micro-gravity and normal gravity."

Maybe if the whisky is better than the stuff we can brew on Earth it'll lead to a lot of investment into the private space industry, because if there's one thing that's guaranteed to spark technological innovation (other than war and organised crime) it's the promise of great booze. [Ardbeg via CNET]