Vodafone 4G is Now Available on PAYG Too

By Gerald Lynch on at

A year after introducing its 4G service, Vodafone is finally extending the speedier mobile data connection to those on its Pay As You Go plans.

With faster data speeds comes the urge to download larger files, watch more video and browse the web for more cat GIFs, so Vodafone is sensibly upping its data allowances on PAYG plans too. Starting at £20, Freedom Freebie customers will get 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data while in the UK. Push that up to £30 or £40 and you'll get 4GB or 6GB of data respectively to play with.

As part of the pricier deals, Vodafone customers also get Spotify Premium and Sky Sports Mobile TV access thrown in too, while all-you-can-eat data is offered for the first 30 days across all packages. [Vodafone]