Why Use the Lift When You Can Base Jump From a Canary Wharf Tower?

By Gerald Lynch on at

There are plenty of skyscrapers in London, but finding one that you can perform a base jump off of takes extreme levels of persistence, bravery and/or lunacy. To find one within London's Canary Wharf complex, and then be prepared to face the near-suicidal glide down between its many towers is quite a feat.

A pair of base jumpers managed to get themselves -- and their base-jumping gear -- up to the 48th floor Attic Bar of the Pan Peninsula tower in Canary Wharf. After scoping the joint for some time and waiting for the high winds to die down, they suit up in the toilets, give a wave to the bar staff, and then dive down to the quiet nighttime streets below:

Police later caught up to the duo, but decided not to arrest the pair.

Maybe I just don't "get" all this urban adventure stuff, but whenever I see clips like the above, I can't help but thinking of this Reeves and Mortimer sketch. [EpicTV]