Would You Budget 10p a Day for a Life-Extending Wonderdrug?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Forget about aspirin, the future may all be about metformin -- a widely used diabetes treatment that's said to work wonders. It's cheap and could help people live an average of three years longer if administered to the healthy. That's three more years to spend alone and sad on the internet worrying about money!

The latest claims surrounding metformin come via a study that looked at the lives of 180,000 people with type 2 diabetes. It found that the drug cancelled out the grim effect of the condition, allowing T2 diabetics to live longer than those without the disease. The conclusion being that those taking the drug could expect to live 15 per cent longer than those who don't, quite the miracle treatment if confirmed.

The report's author, Prof Craig Currie, told The Telegraph: "People talk a lot about aspirin but metformin is looking like a bit of a wonder drug. It's dirt cheap, and as well as preventing and treating diabetes, it appears to have an impact on cancer -- slowing its growth -- and on cardiovascular disease." [Telegraph]

Image credit: Pensioners from Shutterstock