You Can Now Get 1TB of Dropbox Pro Storage for Just £7.99 a Month

By Kate Knibbs on at

Dropbox Pro users just got way more storage for the same price. The file-sharing service now gives you 1TB of storage for £7.99 a month instead of 100GB.

This isn't a casual price cut; that's a 90 per cent price reduction per gigabyte. Dropbox likely did it to stay competitive with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, since Microsoft and Google already offered a terabyte of storage at their pro price points.

As Wired pointed out, price is a secondary concern to what the products can do. And Dropbox knows that. It's not called Dumbass Box. It's a smart company; along with the price cut, Dropbox announced new features for Pro, like a view-only option for shared files (very good for when you want someone to see something but you don't want them to mess with it), expiration dates for shared files, and a password protection option.

Introducing new features is just as important as getting its prices in line with big rivals, and while this price slash probably corroded the souls of whoever tallies Dropbox profits, it was a necessary step to stay competitive in the storage wars. And as with any good pricing battle, the ultimate winner is you.