You Won't Get Two UIs in Windows 9 on Desktop

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft is looking to undo the confusion that many users felt when upgrading to Windows 8, with a rumour suggesting Windows 9 will do away with the tiled Modern UI start screen completely when using W9 on a desktop.

Microsoft site WinBeta claims Windows 9 will separate the chunky tilted touch UI from the usual for-mouses desktop software, leaving computer users with just the one launcher. Which is quite the kick in the teeth for all the laptop makers who've been shoving touch screens into their hardware for the last couple of years.

It also works the other way too, with RT devices losing their PC-like desktop options. In return, desktop users get the enhanced, app-ready start menu, while tablets users get some Windows Phone features ahead of the merger of Microsoft's mobile software, with a possible notifications centre on the way to Windows 9 for tablets. [WinBeta via Slashgear]